Materials: American ash wood Main materials: American ash wood Accessories: branded hardware Length: 0.6m Width: 0.41m Height: 0.44m Dimensions: 600*410*440mm link: http://www.melodyhome.com/category/nightstands/goods-34578.html
Materials: PU foam + MDF + three section ball bearing slides + silver Main materials: PU foam (nightstand legs) Main materials: PU foam (nightstand legs) Sub-materials: MDF (nightstand panel, side panels, back panel, base, drawer bottom panel); silver (the carved part); three ball bearing slides (drawer slides) Accessories: ordinary hardware Length: 0.6meters Width: 0.45metres Height: 0...
Materials: Pine + MDF + plywood Main materials: Pine (feet); MDF ( front-panel, diaphragm plate, base panel, side panels of nightstand, front and base panels of drawer ) Sub-materials: Plywood ( back and side panels of drawer ) Accessories: Imported metal hinges Length: 0.55m Width: 0.45m Height: 0.6m Dimensions: 550*450*600mm link: http://www.melodyhome.com/category/nightstands/goo...
Materials: rubber wood + MDF board + solid wood pine + three section ball bearing slides + MDF board affixed flannel Main materials: rubber wood (panels, drawer handle); MDF board (the Theravada side panels, the panel, side panels, backplanes); solid wood pine (side panels, Apron frame) Sub-materials: MDF board lint (bottom drawer); three section ball bearing slides (drawer track) Accessorie...
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