13-Aug-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
My 17 year old son is looking for Olympic weight plates, bars, bench, squatting rack, etc. if you have equipment that is not being used. Thank you!
9-Aug-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
I would be happy to take moving boxes and wrapping off you hands if you are no longer using them from a recent move, it would be a great help!!! Thanks
8-Aug-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an Artifical Christmas Tree at least 5-6 feet tall. Pre-lit or not, wanted for an extra decoration to be seen from the street so doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks!
22-Jul-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
My family needs furniture for an apt. A couch or sofa to start.
21-Jul-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for medium/ Large scrub tops and bottoms.
20-Jul-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
Me and my 9 year son have been displaced do to bad mold in our old house staying at my sisters till we get on our feet been sleeping on the floor. Just started work and bank account has depleated. Could use an air bed till we get our own bed. 2078910609 leave a message my name is dan thank you
7-Jul-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
need foot rests for wheel chair.
1-Jul-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
I have been trying to raise money to purchase a new hospital-type bed. Full size is preferable as it is for a large disabled woman whose bed is no longer working properly. She needs her legs and head up when lying on her back or she cannot sleep. We have been trying to raise enough money for both the adjustable base AND a brand new soft mattress due to her extreme pain conditions keeping her fr...
1-Jul-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a newer model manual wheelchair for an approx 285lb disabled woman. Her current wheelchair is old, heavy,falling apart. If you have an unwanted collapsible/fordable wheelchair that someone can push, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Cindy Dow We are in Augusta ME near Kennebec Pharmacy and Home Care on Leighton Rd.
29-Jun-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
Our futon couch frame collapsed last night. Help! We have a double futon. Thanks.
29-Jun-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
Trimming a willow tree or bush? I'm looking for willow branches. I can't take the whole tree if you cut one down, but I'd like the small branches to make willow water. Any species of willow is great - willow trees or pussy willow bushes. Thanks!
3-Jun-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
In need of a dresser or two with deep drawers. Deep drawers isn't a necessity but preferably.
1-Jun-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
For DIY projects for girl scout troop fundraisers! any old keys, buttons of all sizes and silverware (excluding wood handled)
Have you recently upgraded your phone? Do you still have an old IPhone5 laying around? I was born with a heart condition that responds to microwaves and my doctor said the only safe phone for me is the IPhone5. Can you help? 207-248-6176 Thank You
23-Apr-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
I need your old magazines. Any kind. Using them for a project. Thanks
16-Apr-2018Augusta, ME +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for old ladder. Does not need to be in good condition. 7 or 8 foot preferrable.
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