Left both my irons and ironing b boards to old house in my haste to retreat without losing my stuff...now I see I've lost some stuff...help? not looking for real fancy but both must be GOOD working order and reliable.thank you
Left my 3 Electrolux vacuum cleaners in forfeit to my old house....looking for GOOD working order, no pieces missing, easy found bags... thank you
looking for a used but good condition garden cart for hauling luggage and wood to a camp for attendees to ferry their clothes and wood to their cabins...
I am looking to replace an old manual wheelchair for one in Good to Great Condition (needs no work) as I will need it for years to come. I am disabled and my old chair is ready to retire to a smaller person. I need a manual chair that can be easily folded and put in a car. And has foot rests. Something lightweight would be nice, though it must be able to hold a 250 - 300lbs person. If you have ...
My son just bought his first home and is in need of hedge clippers.Thank you
I m single dad starting over in this town, new to area me and my 10 year old been here six months. I have new job missed a week in the hospital with him now we out I won t get paid for two weeks and we barely have food. I don t have a car to get to food shelter so any help would be great thank you
Need 2 - 3 of 1 foot deep wall cupboards and 1 floor unit 2 feet deep approximately. Will pick up
2 foot high basic stool.
I am making bow ties and mini bow ties to donate to local third graders..... repurposing for self esteem building... Please DONATE that closet full of old ties to encourage a new generation. Drop offs in Waterville.
If you have a lobster buoy you no longer want/need, I'd like to have one to use as a pickup buoy at my mooring. Thanks.
Am looking for a small dining room table. Prefer NO chairs as we have them. I can refinish so does not have to be in the best of condition. Thank you.
Looking for adult clothes,large for my two sons and daughter. In need of school clothes and shoes.men's shoes 10 1/2 and 11_12 and woman's 8
Son need 16-18 boys clothes and 10 1/2 - 11 shoes
Looking for two bookshelves in decent shape.
Just moved in to new house and lost both my good step ladders...looking for at least a 6' sturdy in fairly good shape step ladder. thank you
My 17 year old son is looking for Olympic weight plates, bars, bench, squatting rack, etc. if you have equipment that is not being used. Thank you!
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